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The Sierens Financial Group, Inc. Process

Whether you are seeking help with a lifelong financial plan or consultation on a specific issue, our process is to create a plan that helps you accomplish your goals and dreams. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your unique financial situation because we recognize no two clients are exactly the same. Together, we will walk through the steps in the process where you will explore key areas that are fundamental to successful retirement planning.


The first meeting is mutual discovery. Our team gets to know you, and you get to know us. We will talk at length about where you stand financially, your goals and objectives, your views on financial risk, and your experience as an investor. You will learn our philosophy, our process and how we function.


From your provided information, we will prepare reports with our observations. We may contact you to discuss your current situation, financial goals and any additional questions or concerns. We will create a unique financial strategy tailored to your priorities, needs and vision.


Action Plan

For each priority area, we will develop a plan of action to help get you on the right track — and keep you there. We inform you on why we are making specific recommendations, which allows you to make the best decisions regarding your financial wellness. This process is guided by your feedback, which allows us to fine-tune your plan together.


There are thousands of financial instruments available, but they aren’t all appropriate for what you want to accomplish. We use third-party tools that help match your needs with the appropriate financial instruments in a comprehensive format. We will implement your unique plan that meets your needs and requirements. This is not a one-time plan, as needs and requirements will evolve over time.

Review and Adjust

By actively monitoring your portfolio’s progress and consistently communicating with you through regular reviews, we will make adjustments as necessary as your needs evolve. This keeps you on course for long-term success. Through our online technology you can review your holdings and monitor your financial progress anytime, anywhere.

We offer services in these three areas:


Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.


Retirement Income Strategies
Wealth Management
IRA/401(k) Rollovers


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you’ve always imagined.


Asset Protection
Life Insurance
Tax-Efficient Strategies
Long-Term Care Strategies


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.


IRA Legacy Planning

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Charitable Giving
Estate Planning
Tax Planning

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