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The Retirement 360 Blueprint Process

We start with a 15-minute phone call to make sure your situation matches our knowledge and service.

  • 1

    Step 1. Retirement Design

    Discuss and gain clarity on your goals, values, interests and concerns
    Review your current financial picture
    Understand our process/services

  • 2

    Step 2. Review / Mutual Commitment

    Observations & Analysis
    Analysis of portfolio, risk, income, tax, legacy
    Identify opportunity & potential pitfalls
    Recommendations specific to your situation
    Do you want our help & partnership?
    New client set-up

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    Step 3. Implementation

    Together, construct and implement details of your dynamic retirement plan
    Income plan
    Investment plan

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    Step 4. Ongoing Client Experience

    Review plan structure
    Review client portals
    Schedule advanced planning
    Tax plan
    Health care plan
    Estate plan
    Dynamic Retirement Planning

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